Throughout the Gospel, Jesus told stories—called parables—to paint a picture and to engage with those around him. What can we learn from Jesus about telling our own story?

Most of His parables had three parts. Your Go Day story can also be as easy as 1-2-3!


1. Commencement

This is the beginning of the story. Here, Jesus would paint a picture of what was happening in the story and tell the beginning of his parable.

On Go Day, you can begin your story by answering questions like these:

What was your life like before Christ? What led you to hear about Him?

2. Climax

This is where the action happens in a story.

On GO Day, consider these types of questions for the climax of your story:

What happened when you were shown the Gospel? How did you life change after accepting Christ? What is life like now, living as a Christian?

3. Call

This is when the story ends and the conversation begins. When Jesus shared his parables, oftentimes he would be asked questions which led to important conversations.

When you share your story on GO Day, you may be asked questions about it and about your life. Be prepared to answer these questions by thinking through:

What does Jesus mean to you and your everyday life? What parts of the Bible would you recommend someone read if they want to learn more? How can someone pray and accept Jesus into their lives?

Get ready to GO change the world for Christ, one story at a time!